Another weekend down

We spent part of the weekend cleaning up and cleaning out the office, so I took the opportunity to do an inventory: 100 soft-cover and 24 BookStub (digital copies), and the hard-covers are gone. Well, there’s one, but it’s not in very good condition. So! Website is updated to reflect that. Soft-cover copies are still $16.99 and access to a digital copy is $5.00.

Meanwhile, I’m still going through a separate series of stories, loosely titled as a whole as “The Chronicles”. They’re unrelated to House of Torunthane, and I’m adding just to add something else to the website. With a new semester starting this week, I hope to finish one story. By that I mean, make sure there weren’t any overt errors or things that just absolutely don’t make any sense at all.. which I’m sure there will be even after going over them. In my mind, “The Chronicles” played out in segments, almost episodic, and I think they would have been much better served as a comic book. If I could draw, I would have definitely gone that route. Definite influences from Paradise Lost and “Dragonball Z”. Seriously, not joking. I’m sure someone else can come up with a lot of other comics/cartoons that have similar themes, but I’m just not “hip” anymore. Posting “The Chronicles” is catharsis. I’m airing out dusty tales of things that made sense 17 years ago of a simplified “they’re bad, we’re good” sort of world to provide that mental escape from the complexities of real life. Because the villains aren’t always clear in reality, but if they’re a demon that’s just out to eat people, there’s no question that sucker’s gotta go. Stay posted.

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