Flight of the Lilims

Update to “Older Stories” is a lengthy story, the first one written following a lot of day-dreaming waiting for my Organic Chemistry class to start. It was the first in a series of stories I lumped together as “The Chronicles”, and as my first, on my re-read of it, I can’t help but call it rough. My goal was to write an action-packed story that was reminiscent of the simple “we’re good, they’re bad, so we get to blow them up” story-telling of ’90’s Saturday morning cartoons, because those were awesome.

As the first of these stories, it winds up in the middle of the Chronicles’ timeline, with the lead character, Samuel, having mastered his abilities and quite capable of dealing with any challenge sent his way. His world has become one where very frequent incursions by “demons” have finally tapered off, allowing him and the others like him to finally rest. The Morningstar’s influence has grown quiet. But the Morningstar introduced the world to a new form of terror and biology, and those who can best capitalize on these new possibilities are the ones most willing to test their technologies. Those who first unveil the means to defeat Samuel are the ones who can market the means to own the world.

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